turbulence, worry, birthdays and cinema

twenty-ten [or two-thousand-ten as i am referring to it as] started off with such promise.

i couldn’t help but feel that good things were going to happen this year and that it would be a year that would make the distant nightmares of two-thousand-nine seem so insubstantial.

two months in to this new year and already i’ve experienced more turbulence in my life and in the lives of others than i could ever wish to have happen to anyone.

i wish i could go in to detail here, but there are some things that shouldn’t be said [at least in a public forum such as this].

i guess all that to say this: if you’re the praying kind, can you please send up a prayer for me [and my friends/family].

i’ve decided to give up worry for lent.  i know that lots of folks seem to give up something tangible [such as a food item] or even limit their time in front of the tv or on facebook.  what i struggle with the most is worry.

i worry about things that i cannot control and allow those things in return to control me.  i don’t want worry to gain the upper hand in my life.

tomorrow night, i’m going to a birthday party for one of my favorite people.  i’m looking forward to spending time with my friends and making new acquaintances while there.  i still need to pick up the birthday present i want to bring and i also need to pick up some beer to share as well.

hooray for nights of well-mannered frivolity!

i’m also hoping to catch shutter island sometime this weekend.  not sure when i’ll get that in though.

looks like i’ll have to go by myself because most of the folks i’ve talked to either have plans to see it with their significant others or don’t want to see it at all.

i love those psychological thrillers.

lovely and i were talking the other day about what scares us.  i can handle all of the psychological/supernatural stuff while that really messes with her.  but if you make a scary clown or a scary cartoon, well, those mess with me to no end.  i think the more believable something is, the less i’m scared of it or something.

happy friday.

traveling mercies,


5 thoughts on “turbulence, worry, birthdays and cinema

  1. I’m pretty sure my mom attempted to give up worry every year for lent, but she never seemed to make any strides. Maybe that’s just mothers, but more particularly it was my mother, I’m certain.I have faith in you to do it, though, and I think it’s a fantastic idea. Selfishly, if you receive any insight as to *how* exactly to give up worry (for it’s a struggle I inherited as well), I would be more than delighted to hear about it. Worry’s such a silly thing, you know?

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