addicted to friendship [and coffee]

i am convinced that starbucks puts something in their coffee that makes me addicted to it.

oh, it’s not the caffeine – it’s not that.  i can go days without coffee [as i do on weekends], but as soon as i walk past the starbucks in my building, i get this insatiable desire for a cup of mud.

i think more than the mud, it’s the friendships i have with the baristas at the shop that have me addicted to going in.  i enjoy the conversation that goes beyond the, “hi [so-and-so].  how are you today?”.

yes, i am addicted to the friendships at starbucks – that is the secret ingredient that they put in my coffee each and every time i walk in.  it’s the not having to place my order to get my order that brings me back time and time again.

i can be ok with being a regular at starbucks.  that i can handle.

now ask me about the time i became a regular at mcdonald’s that one summer back when, and i’ll deny it ever happening.

traveling mercies,


14 thoughts on “addicted to friendship [and coffee]

  1. Surprisingly, the baristas love the experience just as much as you do.  I’ve started to feel like some customers are ‘my regulars,’ because we’ve shared details about our lives with each other.  One girl is getting transferred to the neighbouring city and her first response was, “what am I going to tell my regulars??”  There were definitely tears involved.  She even house-sits for some of them!  Even though my job drives me crazy sometimes, the day always feels better if I get to connect with regulars.

  2. It’s true. there are some people you just love. Some that drive you crazy. Whenever one of my “favourites” comes through, even if I just hear their voice in Drive Thru, I’m happier. I miss Starbucks.

  3. You should totally copy this story to Starbucks!  It’d be great for the branch, and I know they’d love to hear it (maybe even a marketing opportunity, like another quote-on-a-cup thing).  Totally.

  4. Ha! I used to cave in to toddler demands and stop by the McD’s drivethrough every so often for chicken nuggets… until one day the cashier remarked, “My, he’s getting so big now!” That embarrassed me so much that I haven’t been back to that particular McD’s. :)

  5. @athymetolaugh – mine was walking in to the mcd’s i used to frequent one day and ordering the nuggets.  the cashier asked, “what sauce would you like?”  the employee behind her then said out loud, “hot mustard!”yeah… that was the last time i went to mcd’s for quite a while.

  6. @athymetolaugh – you and me both.  said mcd’s story happened when i lived on the oregon coast and that particular mcd’s was the only one for, with living in the seattle area, i have the luxury of being able to “make the rounds” to different locations should i crave some fast-food goodness.

  7. I secretly love being a semi-regular at my work Safeway with the regular lady in the express line, because she’s that cool. But if anyone else in the store started to pay attention to me, I’d freak and avoid returning for a long time. I, too, require city anonymity. I’m almost envious that you can go without caffeine that long– but not enough to stage another dry-out. The last time, I went beyond headaches; we’re talking cold sweats and honey-thick perception. (Hear that? My brother’s tsking.) I’m content that I’ve scaled back to a savored cup or two a day.  

  8. @shelterdowns – i am thankful that i’ve not gone down the road that caffeine withdrawals have taken so many of my friends.  my mom went through a difficult week once detoxing, believe it or not.i used to be 2-3 cups a day – now i’m down [usually] to just my one tall iced coffee every afternoon around 2pm.  [i’m punctual like that].  i say “usually” because i have days [who doesn’t?] where a single cup of coffee won’t do.  yesterday was one of those days.i finished the day having had three.i hope to bump in to you at said safeway line someday.  my plan is to stalk you one day – you know – come up for a visit and not tell you.  i’l find you some time during the course of your normal day. [and you’ll receive a big hug].

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