recovery and the jesus mantra

i am a terrible invalid.  i do not function well being sick [who does, really?].

i spent the better part of yesterday keeled over repeating, “jesus, jesus, jesus”, half-hoping to receive some sort of magical healing in the process.

food poisoning will do that to you.

for those hours yesterday, going to the afterlife didn’t sound so bad.

thankfully, i feel much better now – though i am still lethargic and not really hungry.  perhaps some good will come out of this experience and i’ll be a few pounds lighter when i hop on the scale this weekend [one can hope].

traveling mercies,


2 thoughts on “recovery and the jesus mantra

  1. I despise that kind of sick. Really, the only thing that keeps you living is the captivity of absolute weakness– it’s there for your own short-sighted protection. Funny how the present can completely obliterate even the best memories of the past. Since new memory paths are created when we call up old ones, maybe our brains simply refuse to let the best part of us associate with this nastiness– another form of self-protection. Speaking of associations, your mantra reminds me of L’engle, and how she decided that she will continue to use the word God, despite all the muck that the word has been drug through. God to justify murder, torture, and hideous wars? God to justify abuse and enslavement? God to make a certain few somehow cleaner and better than all the shiftless humanity we want to despise? Maybe we need another word to describe the One we know, she was told, this One who had nothing to do with that. But that, she explained, is exactly the point. He’ll continue to be dragged through all of it, right along with us. (I’ll have to look up the exact quote, sometime. She really was better at explaining.) Anyway, I’m glad he was there with you during the painful wish-death wrenching.

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