hate me all you want…

…but today is my friday.

i think i could get used to these two day work weeks [who wouldn’t?].  i mean, working two days a week and then having five days off – that wouldn’t be so bad.

tomorrow morning, a friend of mine is coming over to help me fix one of the toilets in the house that hasn’t been working for a while.  we had to wait until payday to fix the toilet as there wasn’t money in the budget to get the necessary parts with which to fix it.  [ah, the joys of home ownership and financial responsibility!]

thursday, i’ll be heading over to my hometown to take in the first and seconds rounds of this year’s ncaa men’s basketball tournament.  this is a dream come true for me [to be able to attend]  the only thing that i’m still waiting on right now by way of sports is a world series in seattle [keep your comments to yourself – it’ll happen one day – mark my words].

basketball games on friday and sunday.  time spent with family and friends on saturday [yard work with my dad, friend’s wedding later that day].

tonight i’m going to see my therapist.  it has been a while since i’ve met with him [he was out of town a couple of weeks ago and i had something come up another week].  i’m looking forward to running some things by him and getting his perspective on a few things.

i always feel great after i’ve had my “emotional alignment” session as i like to call it.

the world seems that much easier [for a little while anyway] after getting a few things off my chest.

traveling mercies,


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