the short of it

lovely and i came home yesterday afternoon to a dark and cold house.  all of the power was out.

after a few minutes, the lights grudgingly dimly lit and hummed their light through a protesting noise.

lovely called the local power company while i went outside to check the meter [why, i don’t know, it just seemed like the thing to do].

within a half an hour, the power company had someone on our doorstep with all of the tools necessary to diagnose the problem.

he explained it to me matter-of-factly, “if the problem is here, it’s on us to fix it, if it’s not, it’s on you.”

i said a quick prayer, hoping beyond hope that it was something on their end.

he tested the connection using his super-power tools and found the electric current to our home strong and stable.

“well, it looks like it may be something on your end” he said.  my heart stopped for the tiniest of moments in dispair.

“there is one other thing i can check, while i’m out here and all” he continued, removing a panel on the main.

“ah, yes, here’s your problem” he said, showing me the main circuit breaker, worn and weary from its lifetime of use.  “yes, this is an easy fix…”

a fellow resident of the association that our home is in had come up a moment before upon seeing the utility truck parked in our driveway said, “and because it’s outside of your unit, the association will pay for the repairs…”

after a few calls to local electricians and a night spent cuddled under extra blankets, the lights were up and running again the next morning back at full-power and no longer flickering.

i had to pay for the repairs up front, but after speaking with an association board member,  i was assured that i would be reimbursed for cost.

and here i was worrying over something small.

i wonder why it is i have become so concerned with money.  when a crisis comes up that requires money to help get me out of said situation, i start to panic and worry like there is no tomorrow.

my security shouldn’t be in money, anyway.  it’s something i have to keep reminding myself over and over and over again.

traveling mercies,


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