a present thought…

one of my biggest complaints with “christians” today is how they feel the need to change their non-believing friend before said friend is able to come to Christ.

shouldn’t they be more focused on loving that person right where they are at and allow Christ to change their friend?

who says we can’t have alcoholic christians?   gay/lesbian christians?  christian prostitutes?

we need to learn to quit trying to change people and allow Christ to work in their lives as he sees fit.

just a thought i’ve been contemplating lately.  feel free to let me know what you think.

traveling mercies,


4 thoughts on “a present thought…

  1. Because Christ requires repentance for salvation, correct? And there are Christian gays, alcoholics, and prostitutes, but they’re ostracized and considered not to be true Christians by evangelicals. Which is the point you’re making, I think. Once they become “real” Christians, they’ll need to change. Gayness is a personal characteristic. Alcoholism is a disease. And prostitution is an economic necessity for many women. As for myself, two outta three ain’t bad. ;)I love you, Josh.

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