yesterday evening was beautiful.  i consider it such a huge blessing to be able to spend a few hours listening to one of my favorite authors read from her new book and share her thoughts on life.

my mind is still racing from last night and everything that it held.  perhaps i can blog more about it later, but knowing me i will probably just keep it all to myself, like some sort of small personal treasure.

i was feeling pretty good about life this morning when i woke up to go to work when i found that one of my cats had a medical issue that really shouldn’t be blogged about in a public forum [if you’re morbidly curious, i might fill you in on the details].  needless to say, lovely took her to the vet this morning so they could run a few tests and put her on some antibiotics to help with her condition.

this set us back a couple of hundred dollars and discouraged me because we were doing so well at getting out of debt and this small setback will put us a little bit behind in my goal for having the credit card paid off by the end of the year.

oh well.  it’s just money.

lovely surprised me with jonsi’s new solo album.  she had mentioned that she had purchased something for me off of my wishlist, but did not mention what it was.

imagine my surprise when it arrived in the mail today at work.

a big “thank you” to everyone who has shared their thoughts about the short story i posted.  i truly could not do this without you.

i’m thinking of taking a small break from it and coming back to it at the start of next week, starting afresh with working on the areas that need smoothing out in one way or another.  ultimately, i’m going to fix the typos, grammar issues, fix the thought sequences and basically smooth out some rough areas that need more or less clarification. [plus, i’ll need to come up with a title]

i have an idea about a future short story that i want to run with and i’m really, really excited about it.  it will be about a prisoner on death-row and his last twenty-four hours of life.  harrowing stuff.

traveling mercies,


2 thoughts on “thoughts…

  1. You’ll have these setbacks when you’re getting out of debt. Don’t give up!! Push through your discouragement and you’ll be on the other side of this before you know it. Trust me, we know

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