up and down, back and forth

came home the other night to find the power out again.


spent the night in the dark and called the electrician the next morning.  after checking the initial problem spot, he found what the culprit turned out to be [the connectors to the main breaker were corroded].

he cleaned the connectors as best he could with some solvent and installed a new breaker saying, “you will probably want to get this system replaced to tell you the truth.”

for the past day and a half now i have been on the phone and exchanging emails with my HOA and the electrician to get the problem resolved.  it’s an issue where the HOA may pay for the repairs because it is outside of my unit, but that’s not a certainty [at least not right now].  i’m waiting for the HOA to talk to the electrician about the cause so that the HOA can determine if they’ll cover the costs, or if i have to cover the bill.

i’d just like to know that i’ll have electricity when i come home at night – is that too much to ask?

i like having an HOA – it offers some great benefits, but there are times that it just feels like an extra hoop to jump through.

hopefully, we’ll hear back in the next day or two what the outcome is so we can move forward with the needed repairs.

keep your fingers crossed for us or send up a prayer if you’re so inclined.

traveling mercies,


One thought on “up and down, back and forth

  1. My heart and prayers are there for you J and R. I really hope your HOA covers the bill and it all works out. I can understand the problem too, it took us 3 days just to get the water hooked up.

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