an exercise in letting my worry go

lovely suggested that i write all of my worries out on a piece of paper and then put that piece of paper inside of a box labeled something like, “God’s Inbox” and leave my worries there.

i tried her suggestion, writing down about a dozen different things that i found myself to be worrying about and wrote a short note at the bottom saying something to the effect that, “i will no longer worry about these things.  they are in God’s hands now.”

i put the piece of paper into the box and closed the lid.

now, i’m not saying that all of my worries have been solved by this project, but i did feel a peace about those worries for the first time in quite a while.  plus, it really helped to see all of the things i’m worried about written out on something tangible rather than just residing inside of my mind.

i know that there will come a point in time where i will need to write a new list of my worries and put that list inside of the box, but at least i know a small thing i can do to help me get through those particularly difficult times.

traveling mercies,


3 thoughts on “an exercise in letting my worry go

  1. Now put that box inside another box and that box in another then mail it to yourself and when it arrives… SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!! Good advice: Another way Emperor’s New Groove improves your life.

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