one for sorrow

after three visits to different veterinarians, multiple medications, and about a month’s time, my fur-baby, Maggie, hasn’t gotten any better from whatever it is that is ailing her.

lovely and i made the tough choice this morning to put her to sleep.  to be honest, this is such a difficult decision because i want to do everything i can in my power to help her, but at the same time i cannot justify her suffering any more than she has to.  i just doesn’t seem fair to her.

this past month and change has been quite the roller coaster ride [for various reasons], and this truly seems like the lowest point on that ride.

traveling mercies,


6 thoughts on “one for sorrow

  1. I have been there and I still vividly remember that day. It is never easy, but sometimes it is for the best. Hugs and love to both of you and your Maggie. 

  2. I’m so truly sorry my friend. I had to do the same with my first kitty Piglet, back in September of last year. I still miss his cuddles in my bed.. My heart and thoughts go out to you friend.~Amie

  3. So sorry, I know how it feels. :( But it’s the right thing, especially since you’ve tried to make her feel better.  I’m sure she knows how much you love her though.  And really, that’s what matters.

  4. Ah geeze Joshua.  :( Makes my difficulties this past week seem like nothing.  I remember burying my childhood pet after finally putting her to sleep after her leukaemia worsened.  It’s a sad time.

  5. Josh,I do know how that feels– the pain, the helplessness, the uncertainty. Having to make the decision still cuts– but the end of Tasha’s suffering, it was peaceful. Thinking of you all, my friend.

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