Thursday Writing Project

From The Sound of Paper: Starting from Scratch:

“…describe yourself as you would a literary character, in the third person.  Not ‘I am fifty-four years old’ but ‘he is fifty-four years old.’  Describe your looks, your attitudes, your perceptions.  Try to draw a clear portrait of yourself, filled with telling details.  In other words, pay attention to how you are and how you are doing.”

Here we go…

He is thirty years old.  He is ordinary looking, but has a great smile and knows how to use it.  He is six feet, four inches tall.  He wears ordinary clothes, many of which items he purchased second hand from local thrift stores.

He has short brown hair that his wife cuts for him every other week or so so they can save money.

He loves his wife, but does not know how to show her that love in ways she’ll understand.  That doesn’t stop him from trying, though.

He has huge feet – size seventeens – but he doesn’t have to special order his shoes – he knows exactly where to go and what time of year to go to get the best deals.  He once purchased three pairs of shoes for fifty dollars.  He didn’t need three pairs of shoes at that moment, but he couldn’t turn down such a great deal.

He has worn glasses for the better part of twelve years now.  He originally only needed them for when driving, but he finds it easier to just wear them all of the time rather than take the off/put them on any time he sits behind the wheel.

His eyes change color depending on what he is wearing.  There was a day back in high school where he would have sworn that his eyes were orange in color, if only for a moment.

He is a perfectionist.  He is lazy because he believes that something is only worth doing if you do it well.  Anything less just isn’t worth the effort.  He is working on fixing these flaws.

He believes that he has a purpose, a reason for living.  He’s just not sure what that reason is yet.

He orders a venti passion ice tea five days a week from the Strabucks in his building.  His baristas know him by name.  He knows their names as well.

He is a social beer drinker, never drinking alone for fear of become an alcoholic.  He never turns down a free beer, but will not personally pay for a beer that is below his exacting standards.

He has one cat, Waffle, whom he loves to come home to.  No matter how bad his day may have been, he loves knowing that he has a fur-person waiting at home for him who thinks he’s the best thing ever.

He is quiet around people he does not know and does not feel comfortable around.

He wants people to like him.

He is afraid that people think he is dumb because he is not as smart as he perceives others to be.

His best friends don’t know they are his best friends.  It’s a secret he may get around to telling them some day.

He is an INFJ.

He wants to become a writer.

He believes in love.

He trusts his friends almost to a fault.

He enjoys to try new food, but does not like any seafood.

He loves books and music.  He feels overwhelmed by the fact that he knows he will never discover everything out there in those two forms of media.

He collected baseball cards when he was a kid.  He still has all of said cards in his closet.  From time to time, he takes those cards out and takes a trip down memory lane.

Baseball is his first love.  His dad used to take him to minor league baseball games as a kid – it was one of his most favorite places to be: with his dad, watching baseball.

Traveling mercies,



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