Taming Time

From Julia Cameron’s The Sound of Paper: Starting from Scratch:

Try this: Most of us procrastinate when it comes to time. We tell ourselves we “don’t have enough time to do X,” an activity or undertaking that frightens us. The truth is that it is not our lack of time that is the issue, it is our lack of courage. Taken pen in hand and number from 1 to 5. List five tasks you’ve been procrastinating about, telling yourself you had “no time.” Here are some examples:

1. Rereading my play
2. Cleaning up my work area
3. Sorting through my financial papers
4. Doing my laundry
5. Writing a letter to Bob

Take time in your own hands now, and choose one task from your list to execute. Within a week, try to execute your whole list, proving to yourself that you do have time.


My list:

1. Editing the short story I recently finished
2. Sorting and filing away the stack of papers by my bed
3. Making an appointment with my MD regarding my ADHD
4. Cleaning out my closet and donating the things that I do not use which have found a home in there
5.  Begin my training to complete a half marathon

How about for you, reader?  What are some of the things that you could include on your list?

Would you be interested in taming time with me – completing some of our tasks together? [Not that we have the same things on our list, but just having someone to help hold you accountable to yourself and your list].

Traveling mercies,



One thought on “Taming Time

  1. Off the top of my head:-Taking old clothes to Goodwill-Taking my recycling to the center near work/start a household recycling bin-Finish editing my novella-Finish reading No god but God-Start/continue reading the Qur’an

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