Against my Better Judgment…

Against my better judgment, I will be attempting the Wingdome’s 7 Deadly Wing Challenge today with a co-worker at the Greenwood location.  If you’re in the Seattle area, come cheer us on to certain doom (or possible victory, I don’t know).

I will be sure to have photographic documentation to share with you regardless of how I do: donning the t-shirt or going up in flames.

I’m sure a great blog entry will come of it either way.

Traveling mercies,


4 thoughts on “Against my Better Judgment…

    • it um… went.

      getting them down wasn’t too much of a problem after the second wing.

      after the time was up i was feeling pretty good, although i couldn’t taste the beer i started to drink – it felt more like tasteless liquid sliding down the old throat.

      i really paid for this a few hours later while in the grocery store – i was bent in half over the shopping cart, wandering up and down the aisles. as soon as i got home from the store, i introduced myself to the porcelain and felt much better afterwards.

      would i do it again? quoth the raven, “nevermore!”

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