Wednesday Thoughts

I’ve never understood how a person can take their lunch break at their desk working in an office.  I spend forty hours a week at my workplace, and I need separation from my work and my personal time.  When the time comes to take lunch, I have to get as far away from my desk as possible even if only for twenty to thirty minutes just to regain a sense of sensibility and balance in my life.

The weather outside is brilliant today: low 70s and sunny.  Perfect for taking my sack lunch out to a nearby park and finding a sunny spot to spend time with a Kathleen Norris book that I’m reading [and quite fond of, I might add].

Even in the workplace I feel the need for separation, finding it on occasion through my iPod, listening to old favorites and new songs that were recently discovered.  It’s almost as if the two earbuds provide an invisible wall to protect me from the noise and clutter happening around me.  I can handle my world when distractions can’t get in and interrupt.  Things are more manageable on my own terms.

Traveling mercies,


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