Good Stuff From Bad Stuff

Two-Thousand-Ten [or Twenty-Ten if you prefer] has been a difficult year for me on a variety of levels.  If you know me personally and I’ve shared what’s been going on, or if you’ve been following me online for any length of time, you know that this year has had it’s challenges to say the least.

The icing in the cake happened a few weeks ago when my lovely and I were in an automobile accident that totaled the car that we both really loved.

We were sore from the experience, both physically and emotionally [the battles continue with the other guys’ insurance, but that’s another post for another day] but have recently learned that good things can come out of seemingly bad things:

We’ve been looking for ways to pay off our credit card, and we found out that our car was worth more than what we owed on it, so we were able to make a nice dent in to what we owed on our credit card.  If all goes according to our plan, we hope to be completely out of credit card debt by the end of the year (ish).

We were paying an interest rate of 7.04% on our car before it was totaled – when we got this car that was a good rate – nothing to sneeze at.  Just the other day, we were pre-approved for a loan through our credit union with an interest rate of – get this – 3.99%.

We’ve got a good friend in the car sales business, so we know exactly where we’ll purchase our next car – lovely is hoping he can find something specific for her; she’s even offered to take him (the car salesman) and his wife out to dinner if he can find the car she’d like.

I’m not expecting any money from the other driver’s insurance as a settlement, but if that happens that would be another blessing on top of so many of the other blessings.

I guess what I’m learning is that every storm cloud has a silver lining.  It may not appear in ways which we expect, or in a way that we’d necessarily like, but it’s there.  Good stuff can come from bad stuff.

Traveling mercies,


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