200 Words, Real Fast

The goal of today’s exercise was to write a 200-word story as fast as possible. OK, so I cheated: this is 236 words.

The once open prairie

Standing at the summit of the highest hill between here and forever, looking out over the infinite expanse of sky that hovered over the small, sleepy town, he cried out at the top of his lungs, "What am I doing here?!?!"

Just some weeks before, a door had opened in his life that brought him to this place: the small, quiet town in the middle of nowhere Canada and now he was having second thoughts about the direction his life was taking.

Looking southward down the dirt road at the apex of the hill, he could just make out the red light that hung over one of the few four-way stops in town: blinking in rhythmic fashion. One constant in his world, even if nothing else was.

It seemed like it was only a few days ago that he was surrounded by familiar faces, places, and activities in the big city he called home. Now, hundreds of miles away from home with no possibility of going back, he decided to make the most of his new surroundings, decided that in order to make friends, he needed to a friend.

He walked the few kilometers back in to town with a renewed purpose and a goal to be a friend to anyone who might cross his path, and to be open to the surprise friendships that people would bring if he allowed them to know him fully.

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