My Epic Road Trip

Boston à l’heure bleue

Ever since I was a small child spending my time looking at maps of the United States, I’ve had a dream of driving the entire length of I-90 from Seattle, WA to Boston, MA.

At just over three thousand miles, it is the longest interstate freeway in the United States.

Seeing as how I now live in the Seattle area, I’m already at the starting point. I have friends in the Boston area that I would hope to see when I make it to the finish line of the journey.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to drive my own car for this trip as that would mean putting over six thousand miles on it by the time all was said and done. Instead, I would look in to renting a car here in Seattle and returning it to a rental car facility in Boston, where I would fly from back to Seattle when all is said and done.

Mind you, I wouldn’t want to power through this trip: I would want to take my time, soaking in all of the sights and sounds of America along the way. If I pull off the freeway to see a sight, I would have to get back on the freeway at the exact same spot so I could honestly say I’ve driven the whole length of the freeway.

If I drove straight through, not stopping to rest, I could (in theory) make it in just over two days. However, with all of the stops I would like to make along the way, not to mention the time I’d want to spend with my friends in Boston, I’d want to give myself two to three weeks for the trip.

I’ve got to start saving up for this epic journey.

If you’re on the way, let me know. I could use a place to crash!

Traveling mercies,


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