A Religious Ritual

Starbucks on Briggate

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Confession time: Every weekday at 2pm, I go to Starbucks.

I’m not going to get in to the discussion about your personal preferences about this java-behemoth, as I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of their CEO (If you’re from the Seattle area, you’d know why).  But what I will confess is that I love their coffee and I love their employees’ friendliness and helpfulness.

What do I get when I’m there?  Well, it depends.  Two of my favorites would be a Passion Iced Tea (perfect in the summer) or a Grande in a Venti of the Pike Place Roast (perfect any time, thank you very much).  Speaking of Pike Place, if you ever come visit Seattle, you need to visit Pike Place Market (but again, that’s another discussion for another day).  I’ve also been known to have an annual tradition of ordering a Venti Black & White Mocha on my birthday because, as you know, calories don’t count on the day of your birth.

I’m going to attempt to blog every day about life.  I guess I want to document it more than anything for my own posterity and for the enlightenment of anyone who may find me interesting. *grin*

Traveling mercies,


2 thoughts on “A Religious Ritual

  1. I’ve noticed that everyone who orders the B&W Mocha orders a Venti, os it must be REALLY good. Sadly I’ve never actually tried it. Maybe I’ll do that today (but I’ll do a Tall, since I’m trying to cut back on my sugar intake).

    Lisa L. got me hooked on the Eggnog Joy Tea Latte, so that’s my drink right now. Usually it’s a Grande (or a Tall, if I’ve already had one) Nonfat With-Whip Tazo Chai. Depending on who’s making it I’ll sometimes get a Caramel Macchiato.

    • I figure once a year that calories of a B&W mocha won’t hurt me. It has been a tradition for about three years now, plus it gives me something to look forward to about getting older.

      I’ll have to try the Eggnog Joy Tea Latte – just the name of it sounds divine.

      I hope you’re doing well, friend. I miss you and yours so very muchly.

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