Life as I Know It

A variant of the Symbol of Chaos

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I was wandering around a mall the other day with my sister.  While passing through the food court, I noticed a small girl (maybe three or four years old) licking a corn dog as though it were ice cream.

(And I don’t know how that fits in to anything, but there you go.  It made me smile, anyway.)

We (my sister and I) wandered around the mall for a few hours, browsing bookstores, music stores, and enjoying ice cream and coffee from vendors inside.

I picked up a used copy of a book that I had been meaning to read for years now (and just never got around to it) and ended up putting even more books on my mental “I’ve got to read this…” list.

Ice cream from Coldstone.  My “usual” is no longer listed on the menu, but thank God they still know how to make it.  I’d be lost without my black forrest dream (ok, maybe not lost, but sad, for sure.)

Grande in a Venti of drip coffee at Starbucks.  Bliss.

I’m taking life one step at a time, one breath at a time right now.  I’m learning to be thankful for each moment, learning to soak up as much of each moment as I can (see girl with corn dog above), learning that to truly live, truly live, I need to be present as much as possible rather than on autopilot (which is something I am ashamed to admit, I’ve been on for longer than I should have.)

Traveling mercies,


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