A Trip Down Memory Lane

Entropy ≥ Memory . Creativity ²

Image by jef safi via Flickr

I was reading through some old blog posts that I did at a previous blog hosting site and stumbled upon this one that made me smile.  I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 17 March 2005

sometimes i sleep in, just because i can.
sometimes i’ll watch hours upon hours of TV because i have nothing to do.
sometimes i sing in the shower.
sometimes i call my family just to talk.
sometimes i actually like snow.
sometimes i’m scared that things won’t work out…
sometimes i’m secure in that they will.
sometimes i try to take matters into my own hands and end up making things worse
sometimes i read comic books.
sometimes i turn up the radio in my car and sing along loudly.
sometimes i dress up, just because.
sometimes i’ll drive over an hour just for a bite to eat.
sometimes i wear the color orange.
sometimes i fall asleep on the couch.
sometimes i think that for but a moment, everything in the world is right where it should be, things are going according to plan, and everyone is happy…

..and it is in that moment that i savor that i am alive. :)

grace be with you,


This one sure made me smile.

Traveling mercies,



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