Thoughts from the Sixteenth Floor

I’m sitting in a high-rise office building in downtown Seattle.  I have my own office with a view, the nighttime sky shining brightly behind me provides me with the perfect background to write, to get my thoughts out in to the open.

This office has a coffee machine in the kitchen that produces free coffee and hot chocolate.  I’m on my second cup of hot chocolate now.  Delicious.  Makes me wish that I had a machine like this in my office and at the same time thankful that I don’t because of all of the extra calories.  It reminds me of a time I was talking to the proprietor of a winery about wines once.  She told me that she prefers to eat her calories as opposed to drinking them.  I’d have to agree with her statement.  Still, the hot chocolate is mighty delicious.

I own an iPod that has an obscene amount of space on it.  I don’t know if I will live long enough to fill its hard drive – it is that big.  I’m listening to songs that even I didn’t know I had. It’s funny how that happens when space is no longer a concern.

I’m behind in my novel writing.  At this point, I’m not sure if I will hit the fifty thousand-word count by the end of the month or not.  I’ve come to accept that my story will take more than fifty thousand words to tell, so even if I reach the word count goal, my characters will need, no demand, more be told.  Their stories will continue on longer than the word count requires.  I got in a few thousand words today – words that I am proud of.

One of my most favorite bands, if not my most favorite band in the whole world, is playing a show tonight at a venue not far from here.  I’d love to say that I’m going, but I am not.  Finances would not allow, and I’ve got to be honest, going to a show by oneself is not always ideal.  Some things need to be shared with an understanding soul.  (I found out too late that a friend of mine actually is going, but now there are no more tickets).  C’est la vie.

I turn on their songs on my iPod and close my eyes.  If I pretend enough, I feel as though I am there, even if I am only there in spirit.

I’m living life one moment at a time now.  Eyes wide open to life that is going on around and inside of me.  I’ve been praying lately that I would learn to be still.  I find that far too often in my life I’m busy filling my day with countless activities, rushing from one thing to the next, that I miss out on life that is happening around me.  I want to slow down, enjoy life, and soak up all it has to offer.  I want to be present in each moment, my mind living in the present, not in the future with the things that need to be accomplished later.

How are you present?  How do you overcome your busyness?

Traveling mercies,




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