thoughts in my pjs

Seattle Snow Day 2008

Image by John Mundy via Flickr

i’m working from home today.  i’m in my pajamas and i haven’t showered or shaved.  life is good.

i have a few friends who telecommute for work, and i can honestly say that i see the appeal in doing it.  i mean, i don’t have to get dressed in outside clothes.  my cat loves me no matter what i look like, so long as i provide her with a lap to sit on.  can’t beat that.

the commute home last night took me five hours and twenty minutes.  yikes.  the worst horror story i’ve heard so far was ten hours for one friend to get home.  ten hours.  apparently, the bus driver pulled over to the side of the freeway so people could go to the bathroom  in the bushes.  oh my…

i know that come a few months, we’ll all laugh about this and tell stories, saying, “remember when…”, but right now it’s sure inconvenient.

i’m thankful that i can work from home.  i may try going in to work tomorrow.  the park and ride is only a mile from home.  i’ll hitch up my taun taun [kudos if you don’t have to google that] and make my way through the snowy streets…

traveling mercies,


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