do you hear what i hear?


Image by doug88888 via Flickr

perhaps i just hang on to my money too tightly these days.  perhaps i know what i like and i don’t try to pretend to like what is popular.

whatever the reason is, i rarely buy new music without first having heard the songs beforehand.

there are some exceptions, of course: the innocence mission, over the rhine, sigur rós and sixpence none the richer (to name a few).  whenever these bands come out with new songs, i buy the albums without having listened to them first.

what about you?  do you have artists/bands whose music you purchase as soon as it come out without first having heard the songs?

traveling mercies,


4 thoughts on “do you hear what i hear?

  1. I have a general rule: Never buy a CD unless I’ve heard and enjoyed at least 3 tracks on it. Too many times past, I’ve bought a CD because of a distinctive song on the radio, only to find out that the rest of the CD is drastically different from the song that led me to buy the CD in the first place.

  2. Loreena McKennitt, Sting, Melissa Etheridge, Jim Byrnes, Mary Chapin Carpenter… I feel as if I’ve been on journeys with each of them, and whatever they choose to share is another late night at some wayside pub. The fact that they never fail for quality is pure bonus.

    Over The Rhine is a group I feel a need to catch up with– just as soon as there’s a bit more space in my iTunes budget.

    • excellent list, kat. how could i forget mcc? she has seen me through some interesting times in life, for sure.

      the latest over the rhine (coming out this month, titled the long surrender) is simply divine. if i had to point someone in their direction, i’d start them off with either good dog, bad dog or drunkard’s prayer. each one is my favorite depending on what time of day you ask me.

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