my favorite actor?

Dead Poets Society

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who is your favorite actor/actress?

when i ask this, i’m not asking based upon looks, popularity, or anything superficial.  when i ask this question, i’m asking on the merits of the films they have been in and how they made you feel.  it’s easy for someone to say that their favorite star is some hottie from some cookie-cutter film that has the latest and greatest band playing in the soundtrack – i get that.  what i’m asking is, when you think of some of your favorite films of all time, do you see a common actor in them?

for me, i have two actors whose work i admire above all others: robin williams and kevin spacey.  here’s why:

robin williams.  look me in the eye and tell me that you weren’t moved by either dead poet’s society or good will hunting.  go ahead, i dare you.

these two roles of his were (in my opinion, anyway) flawless.  he made me feel alive, made me consider myself in a new light that i hadn’t looked at myself from.  he challenged me to really live, to embrace life, to be honest with my fears and failures.  (honorable mentions for his roles in what dreams may come and patch adams).

kevin spacey.  his role in american beauty was near perfection.  while i wouldn’t recommend this film to just anyone, there are those that will agree with me that this was perhaps one of the most perfect films ever made touching on so many issues that are often times taboo.  his work in the life of david gale was also impressive – if you didn’t have second thoughts about capital punishment after viewing this film, i don’t know what would get you to change your mind.

how about for you?  what actor/actress deserves the merit of being someone whose work you respect, whose roles get you to think about life in a different way?

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One thought on “my favorite actor?

  1. It took me a little while to come up with my favourite actor/actress. After so much thought, I feel that my answers may seem superficial.

    Kate Winslet, Fred Astaire, and John Ratzenberger.

    Kate Winslet has been my favourite actress for a long time. I loved her in Sense & Sensibility and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (one of my favourite movies of all-time), and as I thought about the movies she’s been in, I remembered her performances in The Reader and Finding Neverland. I haven’t seen every movie she’s been in, but I have loved the roles I’ve seen her play.

    Fred Astaire usually isn’t remembered for his acting ability… and to be honest, it isn’t the most convincing. However, his movies with Ginger Rogers are some of my favourites. His performances are light hearted and fun, and the movies always manage to pick me up if I’ve had a rough day. :)

    John Ratzenberger is a very strange choice. But you told me to look at my favourite movies and see if there was a common actor in them, and he has been in every Pixar film since Toy Story in 1995.


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