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one of the “perks” of my job is being able to talk to people from different parts of the country.  i have different part of the country that i’d rather talk to than others because i’ve stereotyped people from certain areas as being rude before i even begin to hear how i can help them.  (i’ll let you guess those part of the country).

anyway, i’m always surprised by accents that people have.  i’d like to think that i don’t have an accent, but i know that that isn’t the case – i’ve been told that i do.

some of my closest friends come from different parts of the country and have noticeable accents (they say the same about me).  we laugh from time to time when we hear each other’s voices, poking fun at the way we pronounce words.

when i was living in ireland, i was amazed at the people’s ability to listen to someone speak for a moment and then know exactly where in the the country that person was from.  they could almost every time guess correctly the county, city, neighborhood and house at a person was from (ok, so maybe not neighborhood and house, but they could tell what county and city a person was from).  amazing.

i met someone while living in ireland who was from north carolina.  there were times when we were talking to one another that he would quickly say something that i would have to respond with, “xxxxx, you’re speaking english, but i don’t understand a word that is coming out of your mouth!!”

are there any words that you’ve been told you say with an accent?  do you think that you have an accent?

traveling mercies,


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