a morbid thought?

Deodorant Gillette

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here’s something random about me:

whenever i buy deodorant, i think about death.

no, seriously.

i think it is because one really does not buy deodorant every time they go shopping (well, i guess you could buy it every time, but that would mean you have bigger concerns than thinking about death), and realistically, someday there will be that last stick of deodorant purchased. when buying it i think to myself, “is this the last stick of deodorant i’ll ever buy?”

i guess the same could be said about pretty much anything, “is this the last ______ before i die?” but for me, that something happens to be deodorant.

i bought a two-pack yesterday at the store for a good price.  here’s hoping i’m around to buy another when the time comes.

traveling mercies,


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