i have new shoes


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i have a new pair of shoes.

i now own two pairs.

i know for some of you, this may not seem like a big deal.  in fact, i have a few friends (who will remain nameless) that have over fifty pairs of shoes (and i’m not talking girls – these are guys).

anyway, the usual store that i had purchased my shoes from (which is on an indian reservation, of all places) no longer carries my size shoes, so i had to resort to purchasing my next pair online (which, let’s be honest, i’m scared to buy shoes online).  turns out, it was a good experience and i now have myself a new pair of hiking shoes for a good price.

i’d like to own a few more pairs of shoes.  i could certainly use a pair of dress shoes rather than going to a formal event wearing tennis shoes.

why the big deal about my getting a new pair of shoes?

i wear a size 17.

traveling mercies,


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