i’ve had a feeling that 2011 was going to be better than it’s predecessor, 2010.

while it’s been a bumpy ride so far these first few days of the new year (electrical issue (again) cropping up at the house), today i was given a surprise that caught me off guard (don’t all surprises?)

i received an email from the manager of a different department within the company i work for asking if i would be interested in applying for an open position that she has on her team.


i’m excited about the opportunity. not only would i be working on a great team (i already know most of the people who work in that department), i wouldn’t be having to deal with the general public, (aka: customers) on the phones and via email.

i had a sit-down meeting with the team manager today and told her that i’d like to apply for the position. now it’s time to spruce up my resume and officially apply.

one of my favorite writers, julia cameron, once said: “sometimes, all we are shown is the next step. that next step is the only step we need take” (paraphrased).

is this my next step? i’ve been hoping and praying for a while now…


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