i’m hesitant to write much about my interview on my main blog because it’s more public and i’m not sure how many people read it. with this controlled blog, i can at least dictate who gets to read my thoughts here.

i received an email from the director of human resources at my company this morning – she just wanted to say that i interviewed really well – made me feel good to hear that.

i won’t know until early next week at the soonest if i got the position, but at this point in time i am at peace with the whole thing. i believe in a Higher Power that guides us, that shows us the next step we need to take, even when we ourselves are not sure what that step is.

it’s amazing how quickly this has moved – i came in to work a week ago monday to find an email from the manager asking if i would be interested in applying, and yesterday i interviewed for the job. how quickly things can change.

i’m learning to be obedient, eyes open and ready to see that next step in front of me. i’m hopeful that that next step will be made clear soon.


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