creative desert

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i’m feeling uninspired lately.  what does one write about when life seems so routine, so familiar?  my creative flow of writing seems to have all but dried up – i’m left wondering if i even have a word left in me, let alone another story to tell.

julia cameron, in her book the sound of paper: starting from scratch writes that, “sometimes we forget that art is a spiritual path and that all spiritual journeys are characterized by time in the desert.”

how often i tend to forget that.  i get caught up in my moments when the words flow from my mind and on to paper, all the while forgetting that in order to reach my destination, there is bound to be a desert or two along the way.  when i get caught up in the endless miles of mental “sand”, i become all “woe is me, how i wish i were still near the flowing streams of creativity!”

i feel like a broken record, writing about my recent lack of inspiration or creativity.  please don’t view this as my whining: on the contrary, consider this my expressing where i’m at.   i believe that acknowledging where you’re at is the first step towards moving in the right direction.

i’ll always be your biggest fan,


2 thoughts on “creative desert

  1. Genre fiction? That might be fun for a writing rut. Western… romance… sci fi… noir… crime… maybe go all out with the cliches and stereotypes, just for fun. :)

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