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one of the things that i often seem to struggle with is my need to justify myself to others.  i think it boils down to a fear of my being misunderstood by those who hear what i say either in written or spoken form.

i find that i preface myself, saying something to the effect of, “you know me, and you know i’m not like this but…” before actually saying what it is that’s on my mind.

a friend (and co-worker) of mine brought this up with me the other day, saying that those who know me don’t need me to preface my thoughts or feelings, saying what i don’t mean before i say what i want to say.

she’s got a point.

i wish that it were easy for me to just be – to just rest in the security of the friendships that i have, knowing that people know me (and love me) for who i am.

do you struggle with either censoring yourself, or explaining yourself before or after you say something?  how do you overcome that without seeming too stuck up or overly opinionated?


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