your most valuable possession

Possession Bay - South Georgia

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say you wake up in the middle of the night and your smoke alarm is going off:  there’s a fire in your home and you have to evacuate.  you have time to grab only one inanimate item – what do you choose?

to be honest, i don’t know what one thing i would choose.

i’m curious to hear your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “your most valuable possession

  1. In college Bob & I lived in a place that burnt down. We went to bed about 3 am and at 4 am we woke to our room filled with smoke and flames in our closet and outside our window, right by the head of our bed. Bob threw some clothes on, and I grabbed my robe… we got our roommate and we all got out. When you’re in that situation, where you see flames, you don’t grab anything. You leave. I remember I always thought I’d grab my pictures… my “memories”, but I didn’t.

    • i’d imagine that you’re right about that, nikky. i remember once in my college dorm we had a “fire drill” that wasn’t planned – someone had left something in the oven or something in the kitchen and set off the alarms at 3 am – i remember just having the wherewithal to put on a robe and some sandals (you know, because sandals will keep your feet warm in -30 below temperatures in canada), i actually forgot my glasses…

  2. In this theoretical situation, I would grab my camera. Or maybe my desktop computer. Great, now I have to find somewhere to back up my photos online, because I’m paranoid! ;)

  3. You know, I think I was there for that “fire drill”…freezing fricking cold? Had to let us into the O’ because we couldn’t go back into the building? I was glad for my flannel PJs that night, and my moccasin-style slippers.

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