time travel and changing the direction of your life

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i’ve always been a sucker for a good time-traveling movie.  films such as back to the future and bill & ted’s excellent adventure – they just don’t get much better than that – in my opinion, they were (and still are) some of the coolest movies ever made.

with time-travel, it seems like just about anything is possible: you don’t like the way something in your life turned out?  just go back in time and change the path your life takes so as to avoid making future mistakes.  you want to know what will happen to you XX years from now?  just head to the future and find out how you turn out.  need to write a killer history report to graduate from high school?  just go to the past and hang out with folks like abraham lincoln – in these movies, it was just that easy.

there have been times in my life where i have honestly thought, “gee, if i could go back in time and change this, i totally would – just to find out what would have happened had i…”

one of those moments (among many) for me was when i was in college – i had decided to attend a small private college in canada.  a few weeks before heading off to the great white north, i received an email from the advisor from a different college that i had applied to asking why i had decided not to attend their college.

“what do you mean?”, i thought to myself, trying to figure out if i even knew that i had been accepted.

after a moment’s deliberation, i somehow knew that there was a stack of mail in my bedroom that i had not yet gone through.  shuffling through the stack, i found a letter from the college with a note inside saying something like, “congratulations!  you have been accepted to…”

oh my.

looking back on this moment in my life, i’ve often wondered what would have happened had i known before that i had been accepted to this college.

i don’t regret my decision to attend school in canada – i don’t in the slightest.  i mean, it was in canada that i met some of the best people i’ve ever known (and still know) as well as my lovely (who this year i will celebrate eight years with).  still, every now and again i think to myself, “what would have happened…?”

if life were a choose-your-own-adventure book (remember those?), i would probably go back and see just what would have happened, but i am content with where i am at.

how about for you?  was there a moment in your life that you wondered what would have happened had you done something else?


4 thoughts on “time travel and changing the direction of your life

  1. Okay you sucked me in on this one. I think everyone does this throughout our lives. I ask myself all the time would I have done it the same way and then realize I could never tell because if I changed one thing it would change how everything else happened in my life. I might have not met you. Imagine that.
    Look what happened in The Butterfly Effect and The Time Machine.

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