goals for a lifetime

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i have some big goals that i’d like to accomplish in my lifetime, things that i would like to accomplish before graduating to the next life so to speak.

high on my life goal list is hiking the entire 2,179 miles of the appalachian national scenic trail – that’s right, the whole thing.  i’ve been reading up on it, and it appears that most people can finish the entire trek within 5-7 months.  needless to say, this type of trip is going to take some planning what with having to be able to afford to take that much time off work as well as the physical training that will need to go in to preparing for a hike of this magnitude.

another trek that i’d love to take one day would be driving the entire length of interstate 90 from seattle, wa to boston, ma.  this one is a little bit easier than the first, seeing as how i’m already at the western terminus for this journey.  the entire length is 3,020 miles – that’s a lot of sights, sounds, and friends to see along the way (yes, when i’m in your neck of the woods i expect to be able to crash on your living room flooor!).  i think that with this trip, i will end up either flying to boston and renting a car to drive back, or renting a car here in seattle and driving to boston to fly back.

complete a half marathon.  this one i plan on doing this calendar year.  i got the go ahead from my doctor at my last physical earlier this year and have slowly started training (though probably not as seriously as i should).  my lovely bought me a book for christmas titled the non-runner’s marathon trainer, and one of the first things it said about your first marathon is not to set a time goal, but simply have the goal of finishing.  so, sometime in 2011, i’m going to complete 13.1 miles.  that’s right, me, finishing a half marathon.

a goal that has stuck with me now for some time is the dream to become a published writer.  i’ve written one novel (thank you, nanowrimo) and a small collection of short stories (one of which can be read here) in my brief time of story-telling.  i am currently working on a new short story that i hope to have finished by the end of february, however, the completion date is up to my protagonist and where he decides to take me…  now that i think about it, perhaps i can write a story about my journey towards completing one or more of these goals – that might be kind of fun…

what about for you?  what goals do you have that you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime?



One thought on “goals for a lifetime

  1. I love the road trip idea! Bob & I drove most of 80 (we connected in Ohio) and followed it all the way to Nevada. I wish we could have traveled the whole length, and we wanted to, but time constricted us. It was still an adventure.

    I hope you’re able to cross some of these off your list. A few years ago I decided I was going to run a marathon without even trying to make the half marathon mark first. I need to get myself moving if I’m going to be ready when Bob gets back. A year to train is slow, right?

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