life continues

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life presses on with or without our say-so, i’m learning that fully these past few days.

there have been surprises that have kept life interesting, giving me courage to get out from under the warm covers in the early hours of the AM. (perhaps in the days to come i can elaborate, but for now know that i’m blessed).

i make a terrible invalid – i’ve always known this, but my being sick just confirms this.  my throat protests every word uttered from my mouth, wishing i would just shut up and let it properly heal.  tonight, my words (verbal, anyway) are few.

i’m surviving – i always do.  i’m learning that each day is a blank page, a clean slate full of possibilities.  i just have to be obedient to take that first step, to take those risks (and be surprised by the outcome).

a good friend of mine just recently shared a poem that has been on my mind pretty much constantly.  i’ll close with it today:

“remember each day is a draft.  remember to forgive yourself and then you can write.”

press on, friends, press on.


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