talk about an up and down week for me.

i’ve been sick since sunday afternoon, so my attendance at work has been spotty at best:

monday – stayed home sick
tuesday – went in to work, only reason being the 2nd interview
wednesday – stayed home sick
thursday – wanted to stay home sick, but wanted to be in the office to find out if i got the job or not; got the job!; started feeling a little bit better
friday – finally got six hours of sleep in one night; starting to feel a bit better

i’m thankful for these times – i’m learning that there is something to be learned from each moment, each experience in life if i am just open and willing to learn from it.

i’ll start the new job part-time next week, working a few hours a day with the new team (i’d start full-time sooner if my current boss weren’t out on vacation. as it is, they need someone here to hold down the fort). i’ll start full-time with the new team on the 14th. that will be an easy day to remember.

traveling mercies,


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