simplifying, slowly

i’ve slowly begun the arduous task of cleaning out my desk at work. five and a half years of memories, paperwork, and knick-knacks have a way of piling up if one isn’t careful.

i’m working my way through stacks of documents (some i’ll keep, some i wonder why i even thought to keep in the first place), books (some for work, some for my sanity), and various small items that even i didn’t know i had (oh, i’m sure i’ll find use for this someday, i’ll say).

i’m simplifying. i’m getting rid of items that i have no use for, determining what is important to take with me on this next step of the journey and what isn’t. it’s a process that i should have started long before, but better late than never.

come monday, when i walk over to my new desk for the first time, it will be empty save for but a computer, keyboard, and mouse.

i will bring with me things that make it mine: photographs of friends and loved ones, a photograph of the boy i sponsor in central america, and my book of quotes (that i write from the lips of others for my own sanity).

new memories will begin to be formed.

i am thankful.


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