two roads divergered… and sorry i could not travel both

Nature's Roads

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i’ve always had a hard time in saying “goodbye”.  there is something about it that seems so final.

there have been friendships in my life where i knew that when i said “goodbye” to that person that it would likely be the last time i would see that person in this lifetime, and i had reached a point in my own psyche where i was ok with that – we had both moved on as people, and saying “goodbye” was a good thing.

however, that is usually not the norm for me – i usually (often) struggle with saying “goodbye” to someone because they have touched my heart deeply in a way that words would never be able to begin to express.  how can you put in to words emotions that haven’t even been named?

tonight i had to say “see you later” to a friend of mine that i have known for nearly six years.  he’s moving on to the next big adventure that his life is taking him on, and it’s an adventure that he needs to take on his own.  i told him previously when he first told me he was moving that i was “very happy for you, but am sure as hell going to miss you.”

i have hopes that i will see my friend again.  shaking his hand as i prepared to head home tonight i simply said, “see you later”.

yes, “see you later” will do.

traveling mercies.


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