what takes up my days now

the transition from my old department at my office to the new department has been interesting, to say the least.

with my previous position, i was paid to answer emails, and that is pretty much what i did 5 days a week. whenever a friend would email me, i was quick to reply to them because i was basically sitting at my computer waiting to receive emails to reply to.

with this new job, finding time to write emails, let alone blog posts, has been difficult to say the least. i still manage to get in my daily pages, but most of my writing beyond that has been limited to work related issues.

i’m learning to adjust to the new position – learning where i fit in and what i’m supposed to be doing each day – i’m learning how to manage my time, and trying to find personal time to spend writing (something that i love doing, in case you haven’t already noticed).

the question was asked what it is that i do now: my first few days on the job, even i couldn’t properly explain what it is that i do – now having worked in the new department for a few days, i feel a bit more qualified to respond:

i load advertisements for the websites that my company operates. think of it this way – you know how you upload photographs to your website or to your facebook page? i sort of do that for my company’s website: i load images of products, advertisers, and various donation opportunities on to the different websites that my company has. working with the team that creates the images, i place those images on the sites, ensuring that they link to the proper place where they are supposed to direct the clicker.

interesting, huh? (chalk this up to a job that i never knew existed before i started working for my company).

my hours are pretty much the same, which is nice. the team is awesome – though i get along with most people, anyway.



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