the art of loving

Love - Sign

Image by Cindy Andrie via Flickr

one of the many prayer requests that has been on my lips for a long time now has been simple, yet so complex, “lord, teach me to love you more than anything and teach me how to love my neighbor as myself.  i’d like to think that if i can get these two things figured out, then the rest will fall in to place.

i don’t remember when i started asking this in prayer, but i’d like to think that it sums up my beliefs of life, about how simple and complex it can be at the very same time simply because of love.

love doesn’t come easy for me.  it means letting go of myself, allowing someone or something else in to me, letting my shortcomings be fully known.

that’s scary for me.  i’m a control freak who doesn’t allow people to get too close because closeness means a greater chance of pain (and i’m not one for pain, either).

how do you fully love someone or something?  how do you fully allow yourself to be known?

traveling mercies.


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