thoughts on being a kid (or, what i do in my spare time)

i miss being a kid.  remember the days where your biggest concern was what mom was cooking for dinner?  if those weren’t the “good old days”, i don’t know what was.

ok, so maybe being a kid didn’t have all of the perks that being a grown-up offers: having money to buy cool things (sometimes), deciding what/when/where to eat, not having a curfew or homework, among other things.

recently, a co-worker and i were challenged by another co-worker of ours to a lego building challenge: speed-building various kits of varying degrees difficulty all to see who would be proclaimed the company’s “lego master”.

my co-worker (who i am competing against) even went as far as to make his own video documenting his building one of the kits.  my understanding is is that he programmed his camera to take a still photograph once every five seconds.  you can view the video here.

when all is said and done, the winner of the challenge (the person who built their kits the fastest) receives this beautiful kit, in all it’s 2,182 piece glory:

needless to say, my lunch breaks have been very busy lately building lego kits as quickly as i can, all while trying to get down a little bit of food.

i’m thankful for my company – it’s a really awesome place to work for many different reasons – and the lego contests don’t hurt either. :)

i’ll try to post some photos soon.

traveling mercies.


2 thoughts on “thoughts on being a kid (or, what i do in my spare time)

  1. So I’m thinking I should send over my son’s tub of legos (not your normal tub – an 18 gallon rubbermaid tub) with 2 instruction books and whoever can piece together a project will win. There is a complete coast guard set, plus countless others – that would be a challenge (IMO).

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