life, musically

i found out the other day that the avett brothers are coming to my home area this summer.  ever since i first heard the song “i and love and you” last year i’ve been intrigued by this band, wanting to see them live.

the show is only about ten minutes up the road and it’s on a friday night – two things that i have going for me.  the only thing i’m not too keen on is the price: $37 before fees;  well, that, and i’d have no one to go with (music sounds best when shared).

speaking of sharing music, i did splurge and purchased a ticket to see rammstein this spring at the tacoma dome.  lord have mercy.  i’d like to think that you’ll be able to hear this show all the way in seattle, some thirty plus miles up the road.

i’ll bring my ear plugs.

a co-worker and i are going to this show together, a detour to our favorite burger joint is in order before the show.

i’ll be the first to admit that rammstein does not fit in my usual musical repertoire, but we’re all allowed those things that don’t quite fit into our usual styles, right?

there are some other artists/bands that i’d like to see and i hope come through my neck of the woods sooner rather than later: band of horses (hey, they have to come home sometime, don’t they?), the civil wars, mumford & sons, widespread panic (just found out! – july 5th!!), among others…

anyone who is ever looking for someone to go to a show with them, look no further.  buy me a ticket, and i’ll buy you dinner before the show as a way to say “thank you!” for taking me to a concert.

in other news, my next post is my one hundredth on this blog – thanks for sticking with me.

traveling mercies.


4 thoughts on “life, musically

  1. I have a friend who is totally and utterly obsessed with The Avett Brothers, and claims that seeing them live will make a fan of anyone. Be prepared for a crazy show, if you end up going.

    And what, may I ask, is this favorite burger joint? I personally miss Dick’s Drive-In from the summer I spent outside Seattle…

    • nothing fancy, really – just carl’s jr – haha – they finally have a few in this area and two happen to be in tacoma. i do love dick’s drive-in. they’re building one about 15 minutes from my place – looking forward to that.

      looking forward to meeting you soon, friend.

  2. You and Ryan will get along splendidly.

    And there’s a Carl’s Jr. in SF, and one in Oakland. I see western bacon cheeseburgers and hand-dipped milkshakes in our futures.

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