vacation, finally

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as see...

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i don’t know why, but i rarely take vacations.  prior to my trip (which starts tomorrow!) the last vacation i went on – true vacation, not going home for a long weekend to spend time with the family – was in the fall of 2007.

i’m envious of people who take annual vacations, i’ll admit it.  i see how they can be therapeutic in that they give you something to look forward to.  i’ve been looking forward to this trip since i booked the airline tickets some five months ago.

lovely and i are going to san francisco – we’ll take in the sights and sounds, catch a few baseball games, tour countless museums, and take in all of the other random touristy things available to us there.

we’re also going to be meeting some longtime friends whom i have known for quite a long time via the world wide web – i’m really looking forward to meeting them and quickly becoming real-life friends.

i hope to be able to post photographs of our travels often during this next week, or soon after we return – we’ll have two cameras in tow, giving us the opportunity to capture many, many memories.

we’ll get in to some good trouble this next week. (you do the same)

traveling mercies,


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