words i wish i had written

while waiting to catch a streetcar on the embarcadero back north so we could check out the musée mécanique earlier this evening, i stumbled upon (or rather walked upon) an engraving in the ground near the streetcar stop.

the words were simple, yet when strung together really struck a chord in me:

once, in a great while,
you will see a sign
and invest in it everything
out of simple faith
it is meant for you.

you will surrender
all you’ve been taught
to the purity of its direction
and stand perfectly still
knowing nothing more is beyond it

this is how they will find you:
unable to break away, peering
steadfast from the threshold,
starved be certainty,
blessed forever and unobserved

icon, mark osaki

amazing, no?

i love san francisco.

traveling mercies,


2 thoughts on “words i wish i had written

  1. That city completely took my soul while I lived there and I think I’ll always want to go back, even if I never can return forever.

    • i’ve been feeling rather nomadic lately, almost as if i know that where i currently live isn’t where i’m going to be in a matter of time.
      i’ve been drawn to this area for reasons i don’t yet understand.
      i would love to live here – at least for a time.

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