i think dorothy had it right…

Golden Gate Bridge at looking south-south-east...

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…there truly is no place like home.

lovely and i landed at seatac this afternoon, and after stopping for a quick bite to eat on the way home, made it back to our humble haven around 6pm.

thank you, san francisco, for everything.  you were (and are) amazing.  i think i’m in love.

we took well over a thousand photographs – i’m hoping that of those some came out better than we anticipated (we’ll see soon).

i feel like being home now allows me to recharge my batteries.  i’m an introvert, and this past week has forced me to tap in to the extrovert side of things what with running around, doing this, seeing that.  being home now i can return to my boring (albeit comfortable) life.


for now, highlights:

  • walking across the golden gate bridge
  • riding the cable cars all around the city
  • visiting the cable car museum
  • city lights books (if you’re ever in sf, you must go)
  • musée mécanique (i died and went to heaven there)
  • attending two baseball games (oakland vs. boston & san francisco vs. atlanta)
  • meeting longtime online friends (as bjork would say, “the pleasure is all mine” (thanks g & r!)

photos and more soon, promise.

traveling mercies.


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