weekend thoughts

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it’s monday – i’m still trying to recover from the weekend and the general lack of sleep (still, i can’t complain – the weekend was beautiful in more ways than one).

below are a few thoughts i had this weekend.  i’m sorry if they appear disjointed – perhaps i can expand on them further.  for now…

  • i’m having a hard time dealing with all of this osama bin laden is dead news – i feel as though so many people are celebrating his death, and i’m not sure how to wrap my mind around it.  i mean, evil will always exist – and will always have a “face” to it.  i know that my friends who are “celebrating” mean well, but i just can’t wrap my mind around celebrating death.  i mean, in the end, who won, really?
  • i finally got my hands on a cordless drill of my own.  it had been on my wishlist for, oh, about three years now.  now i can finally start some of the projects around the house that i had been putting off.  i’m pretty jazzed about that.
  • yesterday afternoon was so beautiful – mid 60s here in seattle – i could feel my mood improving with the extra vitamin d i was taking in.  i can definitely feel a difference in my mood when i get sunlight.  seems like every winter i get discouraged and down.  i love sunshine.

traveling mercies,


4 thoughts on “weekend thoughts

  1. I’ve been thinking about this unsure-ness I’ve being hearing people express about Osama Bin Laden’s death. (I’m in the camp of just surprised they found him!)

    I think of it through the eyes of someone who’s loved one was murdered. Catching the killer would not necessarily make me feel better, but if that killer was still out there roaming free that would make me feel Awful!

    So it brings closure to a certain extent.

  2. The Osama bin Laden thing has definitely been weighing on my mind as well. I watched the President’s announcement and I couldn’t hold back my tears. It was a… release. Maybe it’s because my family has been directly affected by the 9/11/01 attacks (my brother joined the service, my sister, brother, and husband have all served over seas in the “war on terror”), but it gave me hope that maybe someday soon this fight will be over. Not that I think a war on terrorism will ever end, but perhaps this chapter may soon be closed. For that reason, I am happy. I am also happy in that I feel this gives a validation for all those families who have lost loved ones in the fight against al Queda and the Taliban, and perhaps some closure to families who lost loved ones in the 9/11/01 attacks.

    The intent of the mission was to capture bin Laden, but I know that bin Laden would never have allowed himself to be captured. If we had not killed him he would have killed himself in order to become a martyr.

    The hardest part about this whole situation for me has been explaining it to my son. There was a little comic relief when he asked about the Walruses (Navy Seals), but it was a very sober conversation.

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