30 day song challenge: day 5

30 day song challenge: day 5 – a song that reminds me of someone:

“obsession” – delirious?

i’ve got to be honest, this one was tough for me.  i mean, how can i narrow down thirty-some-odd years of living in to one song that reminds me of someone when just about every song on my ipod has memories of a friend and i getting in to some kind of trouble. (wait, i didn’t just type that, did i?)

while this is difficult to narrow down, one of my most favorite memories of a song that reminds me of someone happened some ten plus years ago: i was attending community college in my hometown and a good friend of mine was flying in to the area to head back to university.  unbeknownst to her, there wasn’t a shuttle running from the airport to the university that day, so she called me and asked if i could pick her up at the airport and give her a ride to the university.

i remember that i had just purchased this cd a few weeks before – delirious? was a worship band from the uk that was at it’s peak: if you attended church anywhere at the time, chances are you were singing their songs on sunday mornings.

anyway, back to the story: i picked my friend up from the airport, gave her a hug, helped get her luggage into the trunk and then popped in this cd.  from the moment the cd went in the cd player, we didn’t say a single word to one another.  we just listened and praised our Creator.

the ride to the university was an hour and half, and it was one of the best conversations i’ve ever had with a friend.


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