30 day song challenge: day 9

30 day song challenge: day 9 – a song that i can dance to:

anything by no-fi soul rebellion

i guess you could argue that any song could be danced to, really. (though i can’t imagine dancing to something like, say, written by chopin).

for me, the band that makes me want to dance more times than not is no-fi soul rebellion. never heard of them?  i wouldn’t be surprised – especially if you don’t live in the pacific northwest.

originally from alaska, the band now calls bellingham, washington home (they frequently play shows in the northwest, and sometimes manage to make it down the coast to california opening for acts such as the presidents of the usa).

andy smetanka, former independent music editor, said it best when reviewing the live performance of the band:

“if the usual performer cajoling for crowd participation exerts only a mild laxative effect on audience inhibitions, heimer (lead singer) is like a bucket of prunes and a ramrod.  if you don’t have a dancin’, singin’ or prayin’ bone in your body, a no-fi show will make you wish you did.”

if you ever get the chance to see them live, be sure to wear comfortable (and breathable!) clothes – you’ll come out sweating more than you ever have at a show before (and that’s a good thing).


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