a small life goal & a piece of childhood

the year was 1989 – i remember that what i wanted more than anything for my birthday was this lego set which retailed for over $100 when it was released.

i did my homework, though, and found a discount store that is (to this day, even) popular in my home area that had the same set selling for only $35.

i waited with great anticipation for my birthday and wasn’t disappointed when i unwrapped it that day.

over the years, i remember playing with that set many times, taking it apart and building it again.

sadly, over the years, i lost many of the pieces – mostly by bringing my collection of lego over to a friend’s house, combining our collections and then dividing the pile evenly at the end of the day (thus ensuring that we’d lose some valuable pieces).

for the past few years of my “adult” life, it had been a small life goal of mine to get the missing pieces and build this castle again.

recently, i discovered a website that mirrors ebay, only this site is exclusively for lego items.

over the past couple of days, i’ve found all of the pieces that i need to once again complete this set.  sure, it cost me more to get all of the replacement parts than it did to purchase the kit new back in 1989, but hey, this is an opportunity to relive a part of my childhood here – how can you possibly put a price on that?

traveling mercies,


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