30 day song challenge: day 14

30 day song challenge: day 14 – a song that no one would expect me to love:

“bad romance” – lady gaga

i’ll admit, i won’t be surprised if the next time i log on to facebook i see that i am missing a few friends.  (for those of you what will love me anyway, i confess that i actually like this song).

i’d like to see her live someday if for no other reason than the whole theatrical spectacle of the whole thing.  that is also the reason why i don’t ever want to see her live. (if that makes sense).

in any case, i’ve selected an a capella cover of this song (and a good one if you ask me) to keep things around this blog a bit more family-friendly.


2 thoughts on “30 day song challenge: day 14

  1. That’s one on my own playlist– and I admit, though I’ll never buy a whole album, I’ve also picked up “Poker Face” and “Born This Way”. She can appeal to me the way that Madonna can appeal to me– movement, theatrical spectacle ;-), and something surprisingly solid about the lyrical theme.

  2. As for this song, while it applies on the first level quite accurately to the mindset of someone in an abusive relationship, I think on another it has a lot to say about how we are all rather messed up when it comes to love, and really, how far would any of us get in perfect romances?

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